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“The body, mind and spirit are all connected; by focusing on giving all three what they need and want is when we can truly find  the balance we desire.

Apothecaries were skilled at turning natures bounty into medicine.  I love the thought of walking to the local apothecary and picking up a natural remedy to help with whatever ails me, but times are no longer that simple.  Our needs have evolved, and a large majority of us seem to be searching for something  more that we cannot quite explain………..but its there, calling us, evoking feelings of lack and emptiness until we find it.  What if you could determine what you needed easily and with confidence……without even leaving the house?  Sometimes the hardest part of feeling unbalanced is not knowing what the issue is, or understanding how to fix it.  We have for centuries been conditioned to believe we must go outside of ourselves to discover what we need to feel better.  If you have ever experienced chronic physical or emotional imbalance, issues with relationships, or felt dissatisfied with your career, you understand how finding answers and resolution can be a daunting process, sometimes bringing to the surface feelings of frustration and hopelessness.

I understand how it feels to go to dozens of doctors and practitioners, conduct hours of endless research on the internet, and test every type of modality and product, only to come up with no answers and no real relief. Years seemed to pass one after the next with these same issues lingering, making me feel like I was living half alive. InnerApothecary offers an opportunity for you to take your power back, providing practical tools to help you find answers, and bypass that which doesn’t serve you. The information and real life accounts offered here are simply examples of how you can create change by following your inner guidance. It is possible to live a life where in every moment you feel peace, joy and passion……. if you are ready to take the steps to create it.

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